Hygiene Rules for the 2021 season.

At Ariti Apartments, with a high sense of responsibility and adhering to all the appropriate instructions of the competent public health authorities, we take care of ensuring your health.

The following measures will be applied to each of our customers and staff so that we can all stay healthy and enjoy your vacation. < / span>

Upon arrival, you will be provided with the appropriate protective materials (special kit) such as a surgical mask and disposable gloves, while Antiseptic supply will also be available at reception. Check-in will be possible outdoors and room keys will be provided sterile.

Anyone who does not live or work in the apartments is strictly forbidden.

Measures for cleanliness and disinfection:

Prior to the arrival of the customers, the room will have been thoroughly disinfected. The rooms will not be cleaned daily unless the customer so wishes. Each room has individual toiletries and hand antiseptics. The rooms are ventilated daily. Bed linen and towels are cleaned and disinfected at high temperatures with suitable detergents. The cleaning of the rooms, during the stay, is carried out with appropriate and certified products, effective against Koronoi.

Customers will keep distances between themselves (at least 2 meters) in public areas.

The staff has been informed and follows all safety protocols as defined by the local authorities. It also maintains a safe distance from customers.